Why Compare Brands?

Why Should You Compare Before Buying or Leasing?

To help you make an educated decision with your next new car purchase in Lyme, Connecticut, we have created a number of Subaru comparison pages. This is a quick way to compare any Subaru car or SUV to its closest competition! Not only do we look at important specs such as horsepower and fuel economy, but we also compare standard features (heated seats, roof racks, etc.) cargo capacity and safety ratings. Use the links above to compare our new Subaru models to a comparable vehicle from Toyota, Honda, Mazda, VW, and more.

Are you interested in purchasing a new Hyundai in Old Saybrook? Perhaps you have your eye on a new Toyota Camry, a Honda Accord in New London, or a Nissan Altima in Middletown. Regardless of what new car or SUV you're considering, we strongly encourage you to test drive a Subaru and compare! Once you compare Subaru to Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, and other popular brands, we think you'll understand the hype surrounding Subaru.


Breaking Down the Ways in Which the Subaru Brand Excels over Toyota

Subaru vs. Toyota

Widely regarded as two juggernauts of the automotive industry, both the Subaru and Toyota brands are recognized and respected for contributions made to drivers worldwide. There are a number of different reasons both brands continue to earn such strong distinctions. Toyota vehicles have long been known for their impressive reliability and their ability to return strong value when it comes to your time spent on the open road in the same vehicle. This durability, paired with strong safety metrics, have propped Toyota up as a strong option to consider driving, both in America and across the globe. Subaru, on the other hand, earns consistent praise with vehicles fit for a wide range of conditions, still delivering strong performance after strong performance at every turn. Subaru vehicles are well known for being both safe and enjoyable to drive, and versatile enough to fit in some off-roading fun and serve as a family hauler in the same breath.

With both Toyota and Subaru models boasting plenty to offer and viewed strongly in their respective circles, the question then becomes: which automotive brand reigns supreme over the other? Weighing a number of different factors and taking the big picture into account, we here at Reynolds Subaru decided to dive deep into this question to provide an insightful answer to drivers in Connecticut.

Making the Case for Subaru Here in Connecticut

Strong cases can be made for both the Subaru and Toyota brands here in our beautiful state of Connecticut, but putting both of these automotive titans side by side really makes some of the key differences apparent. Subaru models separate themselves from the competition in a number of different ways, all starting with the versatile and multi-faceted skillset each vehicle possesses.

With a SUBARU BOXER engine underneath the hood promoting strong fuel economy and inspired performance, the symmetrical all-wheel drive powertrain, standard in each Subaru model, really makes a significant difference when it comes to seasonal driving. Adjusting traction seamlessly in a wide range of conditions, which we here in Connecticut are known to come up against, really promotes a solid sense of control and feeling of ease when behind the wheel in a less than optimal spot. This versatility also extends to the amount of different people these vehicles are perfect for. While all of the performance metrics previously touched upon make Subaru models natural born performers and really engaging vehicles to drive for car shoppers in Connecticut, the renowned safety crash test scores they continue to earn make them a perfect fit for small families as well. Really fun to drive yet safe and practical for a wide range of drivers, Subaru models really do earn their spot when it comes to annual driving out around our beloved state.


The Compelling Case to be Made for Why the Subaru Brand Triumphs over Honda

Both Subaru and Honda have succeeded in becoming household names of the automotive industry, each well respected in their corners and for the pedigrees they bring to the table. On one end, we have Honda, a brand built on reliable, durable vehicles that drivers can depend on. With their models also earning recognition for being fuel efficient and safe options for both drivers and their entire families, there’s plenty of merit in what Honda has been able to achieve over the years. Conversely, we have Subaru, a brand that delivers all-wheel-drive vehicles to car and SUV shoppers that hope to make their daily commutes a little livelier. Known for being down-to-earth options that work for both single drivers and those travelling with families, Subaru has always been a perfect model of consistency and versatility.

Highly respected and recognizable all over the world, both Subaru and Honda clearly can make compelling cases to drivers in Connecticut. So who really wins? This multi-layered question is one that the team here at Reynolds Subaru plans on addressing, by going through exactly what makes both brands gel and illuminating the key differences.

Why Subaru is Right for Daily Driving here in Connecticut

It’s clearly beneficial to start here in the state of Connecticut, because changes in the weather and seasonal shifts do play a pivotal role in the vehicles we decide to drive. While Honda models do share a strong reputation for being reliable, they can’t attest to the same level of adaptability to conditions that the Subaru brand can stake claim to. Symmetrical-all-wheel-drive in Subaru models is extremely important in helping you find traction on roads where stability may naturally be harder to come by, securing you and your guests during a snow storm and downpour of rain. The highly regarded SUBARU BOXER engine underneath the hood also allows you to excel in other aspects of performance on the road, making Subaru models more enjoyable to drive than the contrasting Honda brand. And while Honda vehicles definitely earn high marks with safety ratings, Subaru consistently celebrates top-notch safety crash test ratings across the board. Take these three major factors at face value, and you clearly see Subaru is your rightful choice for transportation here in Connecticut.

Perfect for the calendar year and perfect for you, Subaru models such as the Crosstrek, Forester and Outback certainly make great fits right here at Reynolds Subaru. After continuing your research with individual model comparisons to specific Honda vehicles, take some time to connect with us over the phone or here in our showroom. A test drive in a new Subaru model will confirm your confidence in the inventory we feature.


Subaru vs. Nissan: Determining an Automotive Winner

As two automotive titans of the industry, both the Subaru and Nissan brands carry a lot of merit and legitimacy to drivers in Connecticut and across our country. These brands have worked to earn this type of recognition, as automotive respectability doesn’t come easy and isn’t just given to you. The main focus of Nissan has been to make vehicles that are dependable and of a fine quality, offering a number of different body styles to customers of varying tastes. Subaru, meanwhile, designs safe, well-rounded vehicles that are ideal fits for small families, solo drivers, and those looking to approach the seasons with some added support. So which brand is right for you? This difficult question is one we have answers to right here at Reynolds Subaru.

Why the Subaru Brand Ultimately Trumps the Nissan Brand for Seasonal Driving in Connecticut

With the clear benefits of both brands out of the way, it then becomes important to focus on the area you live in and what your prospective vehicle can do for you in this geographic location. Here in Connecticut, winters are very much a part of our yearly experience, and tend to make things a little complicated when it comes to operating the roads. A major highlight over Nissan is the standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive systems Subaru equips across the board, so you can adapt with traction in every moment and withstand changes in road conditions and the weather.

The SUBARU BOXER engine in each Subaru model is another highlight, supporting an easy-going drive demeanor and road utility you may not otherwise expect in your vehicle. Top notch safety crash testing scores in Subaru models make sure this utility is being put to good use and solidly structured in its application, so travelling with the entire family or just by yourself can be fully reassuring on every trip.

Choose Subaru at Reynolds Subaru Today

There you have it. Subaru ultimately is the right brand for drivers here in Connecticut, because it is exactly in line with the changing seasons of our state and what you can expect to come across here on our roads. Safe, thrilling to drive and extremely useful in all facets of your day, our new Subaru lineup here at Reynolds Subaru is the perfect introduction into a new way of experiencing commuting and daily travel. Check out our new Subaru Outback, Forester, Legacy and Impreza models on your free time, and be sure to visit our showroom soon.

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The Verdict? Subaru Is Right for You

Without question, the Subaru models here on our lot have a lot to offer drivers out around Connecticut, outlasting Toyota in a variety of different categories. These Subaru models fit naturally into the summer, fall, winter and spring, delivering lasting and memorable experiences along the way. To see how individual models such as the Subaru Forester, Outback, Impreza and Legacy take down their Toyota competition, feel free to browse the individual comparison pages we have created above. After you're done, don't hesitate to browse our new Subaru lineup we currently have available, and give us a call or stop in with any questions that you have.

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