Roadtrip Games to Make that Summer Vacation Journey Enjoyable

The following roadtrip games are going to help pass the time when the kids start getting a little restless in the back seats as the miles don't seem to be moving along for them fast enough. The I’m Going on a Picnic game is fun and requires players to have a great memory. Player one says an item out load they are bringing to the picnic that starts with the letter A. Player two repeats that item plus one for the letter B. Player three has to remember all those items plus one for the letter C. You…

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You Don't Have to Spend Much on a Road Trip

Taking to the road for a vacation is the dream of many people. What holds many people back is the cost. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a nice road trip and a lot of fun.

One way to save money on a road trip is to find things to do that don't cost much. Enjoying the natural world is a great way to spend a road trip, and it won't cost much. When traveling, you can also save money by staying at inexpensive locations. There are many cheaper motels, and…

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What You Need to Stay Safe

At Reynolds Subaru -SNE, we understand the stress that can be caused by having your car break down unexpectedly. Our goal is to equip you with all of the items you need to stay safe while you get yourself and car back on the road.

Breaking down in the dark can put you risk for a collision. Having a set of triangle reflectors or roadside flares can make sure that other motorists see you and allow you to signal for help if needed. Having a reliable flashlight on hand can make getting around in the dark easier and allow you…

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Avoiding a Tire Blowout

There is a lot of routine maintenance that goes into maintaining your vehicle, so it is safe and efficient. When it comes to a tire blowout, this is something that will not only be costly to replace because of the tire you need to replace, but it will be expensive if another damage occurs to your vehicle. You could risk getting into quite a bad accident if you aren't careful.

Luckily, there are ways that you can avoid a tire blowout. For instance, just monitoring the overall tread of your four tires will give you a good idea of…

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Oil Changes Are Different These Days

How are oil changes differently these days? Let's start with the suggested intervals you actually need to have your oil changed. It was once recommended to change your oil every 2,000 or 3,000 miles. Older vehicles needed oil changes more often. Newer vehicles are different. They have better engines. Synthetic oil is also better. These days you can often wait for 7,000 miles or more to get your oil changed.

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How Convenient is Our Online Service Scheduler?

With modern day technology, it has never been so simple to schedule service on your vehicle. The days of driving to your dealer for service and waiting idly by are gone. With so much to do as our customer's schedules become busier and busier the online service scheduler expedites the service process and gets you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Here at Reynolds Subaru - SNE, we provide this online service with you in mind. Visit our website and schedule the perfect time that works for you. Enter in your make and model and the service your…

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How to Test Your Car's Battery

Have you noticed your car headlights dimming when you start up your vehicle? You could have a failing battery. Mechanics recommend checking your battery twice per year to make sure that you are never stranded with a dead battery. If you want to check your battery from home, all you need is a multimeter. You can find a multimeter at any auto parts store, or you can pick up one online used for much less.

Multimeters measure the amount of voltage in your car battery. Your car battery should be able to maintain a 10 volts charge over a 15-second…

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A Few Roadside Essentials for Unexpected Emergencies

A roadside emergency kit is beneficial to have in case you are stranded on the road or in a parking lot. Keep a small extinguisher in the car in case there is a fire. Make sure the extinguisher that you use is for all classes of fires.

A flashlight and extra batteries can be lifesavers if you are traveling at night and break down so that you have light to see the road if you have to walk or if you decide to work on your car. Duct tape is also beneficial to have on hand as it can be…

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Transmission Service Needs

The gears in a vehicle's transmission transfer power from the engine to the drive wheels. Fluid in the transmission lubricates, cleans and cools the gears to keep them running smoothly. Over time, transmission fluid breaks down. At certain intervals during the life of a vehicle, transmission fluid must be replaced to encourage optimal performance. If the transmission is not properly cared for, problems arise.

The check engine light may appear on the dashboard. The vehicle may seem sluggish as transmission gears do not change appropriately. Shifting may seem harder....
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Preparing your windshield wipers for winter

When frozen rain and snow rolls into the streets, it is vital that your car is in the best condition. That, therefore, means having your routine maintenance, fluid change and rigging your vehicle with the highest quality wiper blades. It is paramount for drivers to bear in mind that regardless of the design or the brand, new wiper blades will always perform better than old wiper blades. That is why it is crucial that you purchase a brand-new set of winter wiper blades before the season kicks in.

One of the common problems with the standard wiper blades is that…
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