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Here at Reynolds' Subaru, Professional Car Service is Our Specialty - and We Strive to Deliver with Distinction

If you're as enthusiastic about your Subaru ownership as we are, then you probably know that when it comes to regular auto service as well as factory-scheduled maintenance and unforeseen car repairs alike, it pays to have expert help. Enter the highly trained and certified technicians that call our Subaru service center here in Lyme, CT home. No matter your automotive needs, our cutting-edge facility plays host to the latest tools and technologies to get the job done. Wondering what service work you might need to bring your new car, truck, or SUV up to performance specs? There's plenty that we can take care of both common and discretionary, right here at Reynolds' Subaru.

  • Oil changes. Your engine accumulates sludge and debris from regular use. Engine oil helps separate out and remove it. It's a good idea to flush and replace the fluid regularly, and we'll be happy to do so for you.
  • Oil leak fixes. If you notice you leave behind a patch wherever you park, your oil system may be trickling due to a crack or leak somewhere. Not only is that no good for your favorite venues, but it can also deplete your oil supply over time. Luckily for you and your Subie, our auto repair techs can diagnose and correct the problem.
  • Brake repairs. Brakes are primary for the safety of you and yours on the road, and crunches, squeaks, and whines when you step on your brake can indicate a pressing repair need - more so for urban drivers prone to the frequent stop-and-go stuff. A fix can involve anything from replacing brake pads to more extensive maintenance on your system's discs, drums, and rotors, and helping you out is a matter of course.
  • Tire replacement and repair. Treads wear, imbalances occur over time, rotations help extend the life of your wheels, and plain old damage and flats happen. Whatever your tire needs, not only can our specialists get you and your vehicle back on the road. We can make sure you have the proper tires for your make and model, whether they're summer, winter, all-season, performance, or a specialty tire like run-flat, low-rolling-resistance, and more.
  • Battery replacements. About every four to six years, your car or truck engine's electrical power source can run down or just quit altogether, sometimes without much warning. That means the potential for stranding, which is no driver's picnic. Think you might need a new car battery swapped for your old one? We can handle that for you.
  • Ignition system repairs. If your car won't start, it could be the battery, but it could also be this network of components, especially since most modern vehicles pack plenty of them in electronic form. But there's some good news - our 268 Hamburg Rd. service center in Lyme can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Coolant system flushes. Every few years, antifreeze solutions tend to weaken. Coolant's important for maintaining optimal engine oil temperature, which results in keeping your powerplant operating up to speed. Need a flush and refill? You're more than welcome to make an appointment with us here at Reynolds' Subaru - even right here online.
  • Air conditioning recharges. Vehicle AC systems are entirely sealed, but leaks from driving vibration have been known to occur. If they do, the result is predictable - a hot air-blowing duct that's no good for cabin comfort on those sultry summer days. Our on-site pros are certified to solve this complex problem.
  • Fuel system repairs. No one likes to hear that they need a new fuel pump. But if your behind on a filter replacement and injector cleaning, your Subie's over 50,000 miles, and you're a frequent driver on less than a quarter tank, you might. But you're in good hands - our people can make quick work of all three.
  • Electrical system maintenance. A blown fuse or a dead bulb can be a simple job to manage, but if you're having other energy woes, the problem could be something more serious. Let us take charge and shed a little light on what's going on. We'll bring your car's electrical system current.
  • Exhaust system service. Replacing a catalytic converter, muffler, or another exhaust component is a pretty common need. Excess noise and exhaust fumes may indicate such. For us, it's no trouble.
  • Transmission repairs and replacements. It goes without saying that shifting gears and transferring engine power to the driveshaft and wheels is important, and it's an understatement that a failed transmission is one of the worst-case scenarios for a driver. But our Subaru enthusiasts remain well-versed in every transmission system and component in our automaker's line, so rest assured.

Have a question or concern about Subaru service here in Lyme, CT? Send us a Web inquiry, feel free to give us a call, or stop by for an in-person consult. Our service team here at Reynolds' Subaru looks forward to helping take you and your Subaru down the many more roads and miles of your storied lives!

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