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Our Parts Advisor, Monica Mills is here to make sure you get the right part or accessory for your vehicle. Whether it be for do it yourself service or if you are looking for the latest genuine Subaru accessories, Monica is here to help.

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Our Reynolds' Subaru Parts Center is Here to Help

On the home mechanic's shop floor, having the personal auto repair know-how for your Subaru car or SUV's DIY project is only half the job. It also pays to have the genuine Subaru parts to take that quick fix or two off reliably, without a hitch. That's where our Lyme, CT Subaru Parts Center comes in.

The experienced team of parts specialists here at Reynolds' Subaru remain on hand and ready to help you acquire the top-quality car parts to bring your Subie up to performance specs. In the unlikely event that our extensive stock doesn't contain what you require, we'll be glad to track it down for you, to be sure. However, if you're still on the fence about what your vehicle needs, take advantage of a short glossary of common and important parts to stay on course.

  • Engine oil. This lubricating solution not only helps reduce friction and wear on moving parts. It's important for helping to eliminate sludge and varnish buildup, neutralize acidic byproducts, improve piston ring seals, and dissipate heat, resulting in more efficient engine operation. Change it regularly for optimal results.
  • Oil filter. The use of that engine oil? It helps separate out the above contaminants, and they can accumulate over time as the oil does its work. An oil filter does just that - it helps remove those byproducts from the mix, releasing clean engine oil back into its chamber. Swap out for a new filter as your maintenance schedule requires.
  • Brake pads. These high-friction surfaces apply pressure to your Subaru's brake rotors to produce the slowing and stopping power you need for a controlled halt. Hearing that telltale squeak or crunch? It might be time for new ones.
  • Radiator. A key part of keeping your engine block cool, this component passes hot coolant through metal fins that help reduce the liquid's temperature, thereafter pumping it back into the engine. In short, radiators help prevent overheating. Get yours checked out by the pros here at Reynolds' Subaru if overheating's a problem for you.
  • Head gasket. Located between the engine block and the cylinder head, this seal closes off your engine's combustion process and helps keeps coolant and oil from intermingling between them. These can be tricky to check for a proper seal or for cracks on your own - but our car repair specialists can help take care of that.
  • Knock sensor. Found on either your engine's intake manifold, its cylinder, or the engine block itself, this monitor keeps an eye on engine firing, and if it senses something unusual, it reports it to your vehicle's computer. If you're having trouble accelerating and your check engine light's on, this could be your trouble. We can diagnose the problem post haste.
  • Battery. Your vehicle's rechargeable electrical energy source, whose purpose is to start its engine, after which power shunts to other electrical systems via its alternator. Trouble starting might mean it's time for a replacement battery.
  • Headlights and taillights. Illuminators of the road ahead as well as the environment behind your vehicle. Fogginess, yellowing, and obstructions of their bulbs can mean reduced visibility, so it's a good idea to regularly clean and replace them.
  • Windshield Wipers. Ever the assistants to a clear view from your windshield, these should be replaced about every six to twelve months, or when visibility diminishes due to improper contact with the glass, when operational noise becomes excessive, when they skip over parts of its surface, smear or streak.
  • Air filters. Your vehicle has at least two: one for the engine, which helps prevent harmful outside contaminants from entering the engine, and one for the cabin, which does the same for those coming through your air conditioning and heat vents. Are yours brittle, deeply discolored, or riddled with debris? Removal and replacement is recommended.

There's even more going on under the hood and in your Subaru interior to boot, and our auto parts specialists remain on hand here at Reynolds' Subaru to help you address your car service project needs. Give us a call or send us a note here at our 268 Hamburg Rd. showroom in Lyme, CT, and we'll be happy to talk shop.

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