Thinking About Purchasing or Leasing a New Toyota Camry in New London, CT?


 Exterior & Style - Subaru Legacy

"The Subaru Legacy has found its stride styling-wise, with a conservatively handsome face and proportions that won't win you over with zazz, but will still look good years from now."

   Exterior & Style - Toyota Camry

"The significant revisions to the sheet metal that arrived a couple of years ago still look fresh...Camry is sure to attract new buyers without scaring away longtime devotees."

Interior - Subaru Legacy


"The Legacy sedan offers a contemporary, useful and comfortable cabin for its five passengers. The handsome center stack includes a 6.2-inch touch-screen infotainment system and standard rearview camera. Rear-seat legroom is generous, and on Limited trims, the rear seats are heated."

 Interior - Toyota Camry


The 5-passenger interior of the Camry isn't as stylistically forward as its exterior might suggest, but it's hardly bland. Big cup holders and multiple storage nooks surround the sporty gear selector, and even the steering wheel has a familiar feel and looks more sophisticated now with its bevy of integrated controls."

Subaru Legacy Continues to Outshine the Competition, Including the Toyota Camry!

Add up all of the different makes and models out there today, and you'd probably begin to feel overwhelmed, confused and even a little bit frustrated with the progress in your new car search. Sedan shopping can be hard, with many options but very few obvious clarifying factors for you to thin out the herd. Need some help? Reynolds Subaru took it upon ourselves to solution some of these complications you find yourself coming across again and again, by breaking down one of our signature models, the Subaru Legacy, with another similar sedan you can discover in the Toyota Corolla. Judging from safety to performance and price, our hope is that this comparative review aids your quest to find a special sedan for navigating Lyme, CT throughout the year.


The MSRP of a vehicle is often times one of the greatest places to start, because it can become crystal clear with one look at a price tag which vehicle offers you more value. Glancing at the listings on both of these models, we find the Legacy coming in at over $1,000 less in total MSRP. Take in the fact that the Legacy more than holds its own against the Camry, and there's clear profit to be had with this Subaru sedan in question.

Fuel Economy

Like anything, you can add up the total expenditures of your collective gas bills at the end of the year and be pretty shocked with the results that you find. Our guess is you'll be less surprised with the bill of the Legacy, which gets better city and highway fuel economy than the Camry at 25 and 34 miles per gallon, respectively. Tack up on a fuel tank that exceeds the Toyota model's maximum capacity by 1.5 gallons, and you'll be more than content with the efficiency you can operate under on a day to day basis.

Seasonal Driving

From slick roads on a wet, rainy day to the snow covered paths you will undoubtedly come across in the winter, preparations for season-long driving must take place long before you begin to see changes in the conditions outside. With the Legacy, however, these preparations are already solidified and in place. They come in the form of symmetrical all-wheel-drive, a traction deliverer that makes sure your wheels have the proper level of stability as you operate behind the wheel. This system is the ideal support you need to prepare for the unpredictability with the weather here in Connecticut, and can't be found in the Camry.


More front hip, head, shoulder and leg room meet better rear hip, shoulder room and passenger volume. Which sedan must we be talking about? You guessed it-the Subaru Legacy wins convincingly yet again. Easily the coziest part of your day, the seats in the Legacy will be the thing you look forward to as you head out the door and the first thing on your mind when you're fresh out of work.


While symmetrical all-wheel-drive very much can be applied to this category as well, the Legacy features many other safety advancements that we can feel free to move on to. One such advanced feature you will find in the Legacy happens to be Subaru EyeSight ® driver assist technology, which can lend an extra pair of eyes and kick in immediate responses in the case of imminent danger. Safety innovations just like this are part of the reason why Subaru models get comfortable at the top of safety crash testing lists, with the Legacy coming in perfect across the board in all testing. The Camry can't say the same, falling short in overall frontal barrier, frontal barrier driver, side pole driver and rollover rating.

The Subaru Legacy should now be a clear front runner in your cloudy sedan race, with the finish line right here at 268 Hamburg Road in Lyme, CT. Come visit with us for a test drive as soon as you see fit.

Still thinking about Camry? All we ask is that you test drive the Legacy and compare!