Upgrade your commute and trips to the store with the all-new Subaru WRX, one of the most popular AWD cars to ever hit the pavement. The Subaru WRX is an attractive and fun option driving option, whether you commute long distances for work or like to hop on the freeway for weekend getaways.

With the standard symmetrical all-wheel drive on all WRX models and an available 268 horsepower turbocharged engine, you'll likely find any reason to hit the road. With a track-tuned suspension and Brembo Performance breaks, the WRX will be able to handle any curves that come your way.

When it comes to convenience and technology, the Subaru WRX delivers as well. With Subaru Starlink technology, mobile phones can easily integrate with the car, allowing drivers to play music, make phone calls, text and navigate to their destinations all while using voice activation.

The all-new Subaru WRX will not disappoint. Visit Reynolds' Subaru for a test drive today.


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