To safely and properly use a luggage rack on the roof of your car, you should first determine that any luggage you plan to haul will fit inside the rack. If it fits safely within the square rack, place it in weatherproof boxes or bags, making sure to fill them completely so your belongings don't shift around while you're driving. Next, secure your luggage with at least four cam-buckle straps. Two straps should be placed across your luggage, while the other two should stretch from the front of your luggage to the back. Keep the straps as tight as they can get to prevent your luggage from shifting around or falling off the rack while you drive.

As handy as it is to have a roof rack on your vehicle, you should never drive a long distance without first having your car checked out. If you're planning on leaving for a road trip soon, schedule an appointment at Reynolds' Subaru as soon as possible to make sure that everything is in good working condition.


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