Once a car's fuel pump goes, don't expect the engine to run. Unless the part transfers gas from the tank to the engine, there's no fuel to power anything. Many drivers never discover problems with the fuel pump until it completely fails. Yet, there are common signs that suggest the part isn't working correctly. Be ever on the alert for those signs.

A car shouldn't surge without warning. A vehicle shouldn't lose power under regular stress. When these things happen, there could be malfunctions with the fuel pump. The fuel system won't improve on its own. Once such problems arise, the car should go to a service station in Lyme for an inspection.

Seemingly slight problems like a sputtering engine or decreased gas mileage mean something's not right. Don't downplay any concerns.

If you want a skilled technician to check out your vehicle, come to Reynolds' Subaru. Our service department is up for the job.


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