Finding a vehicle with dog-friendly features is important to consider so that it's easy to get your pets in and out and so that your dog is comfortable while riding. One way that your dog can stay comfortable no matter what time of year you're driving in Lyme is with dual climate controls. You want to try to keep at least a gentle fan on your dog as some animals can become agitated in small spaces that are too warm.

Examine the backseat of smaller vehicles while at Reynolds' Subaru. Make sure there is enough legroom for your dog to move around. You also need to consider the material of the seats in the vehicle. Leather is an option that is easier to keep clean compared to cloth.

Your dog's safety is likely one of the top concerns when you're traveling together. Seats in your vehicle should have sturdy latches for securing harnesses and leashes that are used. Most vehicles that have latches sufficient for child seats are suitable for dogs as well.


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