Traveling with Pets & Doing It Safely

If you’re one of the many pet owners who travel with your pet, we would like to know that you’re doing it in the safest possible way. At Reynolds' Subaru, we want you and your faithful companion to reach your destination safely, so we have some helpful tips to offer you on pet safety while on the road.

Few things make dogs happier than hanging their heads out a window while in a moving vehicle, but this is extremely hazardous and unsafe. Debris can hit your dog’s face and damage the eyes or cut them. The dog should be secured in a kennel, crate or dog harness. To avoid the dog getting carsick, do not feed him before you leave and bring extra water along.

If you’re an enthusiastic pet owner who wants to take it one step further, come to our Lyme showroom and check out our many pet-friendly vehicles.



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