Simple Errors Can Drain a Car Battery in the Winter

Most motorists recharge or replace a battery after ice freezes everything under a hood. Although winter weather is a problem for motorists, there are easy ways to avoid battery failures that are caused by frost. For example, you can keep ice off a battery by parking your car in a heated garage. Simple errors that drain a battery are tougher to prevent because they happen without notice. However, if you follow a few steps, you can keep your battery properly charged on mildly cold days and nights.

On a foggy morning, you may need to turn on your fog lights to illuminate the surroundings. If you're going to travel with kids, develop a routine so that you'll always remember to shut off the lights before stepping out of the vehicle. When lights continue to shine, they pull energy from the battery. If you let your lights shine for multiple hours, they may completely drain your battery. The total draining time will vary; however, since high beam lights pull more energy, they drain a battery faster.

If you maintain your car battery, it will consistently crank the engine. When you need to replace a battery, the team at Reynolds' Subaru can help.



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