Add These Important Items to Your Winter Survival Kit!

We at Reynolds' Subaru like to encourage preparation for safe driving in the winter. Whether you are driving a short distance to the store in Lyme or a long distance, it is important to have supplies in an emergency. These items can vary based on who your passengers are and how far you travel.

Blankets, food, water, and flashlights are essential if your car is not going to move for a while. If you are just stuck, having a tow rope, shovel and tire chains can help you get out of the situation quickly. Store your items in the front of the vehicle if you can so they are easily accessible.

Check your vehicle for a good working spare, a jack, work gloves and necessary tools to do simple repairs. A battery charger or jumper cables will help get your car started and keep you on the road. A first aid kit is also a good idea for injuries and quick fixes.



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