How To Respond To A Slide-Out

The snowstorm has come and gone and now the roads are full of black ice. Onlookers are waiting for that one special person to drive down the road and do a 360 turn that could result in a crash or injury. Reynolds' Subaru will show you how to prevent this sliding effect from happening in Lyme, CT.

The first rule to calm yourself. Of course, this is easier said than done because emergencies tend to put us on edge. However, you need to think clearly to save your life and your vehicle. The long-term pain is not worth doing oversteering or overcorrecting maneuvers.

When the back of the vehicle slides left you want to turn your steering wheel to the left, and the back wheels slide to the right you want to respond by turning the steering wheel to the right. Always keep this rule in mind: turn into the slide. Another rule is to not use your brakes because that will definitely make the vehicle spin out of control.



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