The Impressive Subaru Impreza

The Impreza may be small, but the interior is spacious and comfortably seats up to five adults. The fuel rating of the compact sedan is also nothing to sneeze at. See why the little Impreza remains a favorite choice among compact vehicle owners. Stop by Reynolds' Subaru and take a sedan for a road test.

The exterior styling includes a combination of gentle curves and sharp lines to create a dramatic appearance. The five-door model has a molded rear vehicle spoiler that helps deflect air currents while ensuring fuel economy. Choose a model bearing one of eight different exterior body colors.

Potential owners also have a choice of between five different interior colors. The roomy interior encompasses more than 100 cubic feet of space. In terms of fuel rating, the AWD sedan delivers up to 38 mpg while traveling around town. Get up to 28 mpg on the highways.



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