Why You Should Wash Your Car Today

Buildup of dust, pollen and air pollutants can leave your car looking unsightly and can damage your car's paint, finish and undercarriage. Washing your car can prevent these outcomes. How often should you wash your car? We here at Reynolds' Subaru want you to have all the information required to provide optimal care for your car. Here's why you should wash your car every two weeks or every week.

Twice Monthly Car Wash

If you're blessed to live where the climate is fair, and you park your car in a covered garage, wash your car twice monthly. You may want to switch to weekly washes as seasonal conditions expose your car to more harsh elements and debris.

Weekly Car Wash

If you're challenged to live where the climate is harsh, and you park your car on the street most of the time, weekly car washes are a must. Only weekly car washes remove the salt, stains, bird droppings and tree sap that can accumulate on an unwashed car's exterior. This accumulation can leave your car looking unprofessional and nasty and can compromise its ability to function at its best.



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