Save Yourself Thousands When You Replace Your Belts and Hoses

Have you ever known someone who had to replace the engine on their vehicle? It's pretty expensive. And if you want to learn ways you can avoid ruining your engine and other parts of your vehicle, keep reading. If you pay attention to certain belts and hoses, you could save yourself thousands in repair costs.

When your timing belt brakes while the car is running, you could do serious damage to your engine. Even a refurbished engine can cost a couple of thousand dollars, so it makes much more sense to replace your timing belt if you hear a squealing or your owner's manual tells you to. Coolant hoses are another thing you should replace when necessary. They carry antifreeze to various parts of the vehicle, and if those parts don't receive the antifreeze, they could break. Watch for spots of antifreeze on the concrete under your vehicle.

Have your belts, hoses, and other maintenance done at Reynolds' Subaru.



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