Preparing your windshield wipers for winter

When frozen rain and snow rolls into the streets, it is vital that your car is in the best condition. That, therefore, means having your routine maintenance, fluid change and rigging your vehicle with the highest quality wiper blades. It is paramount for drivers to bear in mind that regardless of the design or the brand, new wiper blades will always perform better than old wiper blades. That is why it is crucial that you purchase a brand-new set of winter wiper blades before the season kicks in.

One of the common problems with the standard wiper blades is that they don’t make full contact with the windshield thereby leaving streaks. These streaks make it difficult for a driver to see oncoming cars. Streaks reduce visibility and result into a blurry view. The material used to manufacture conventional wiper blades gets stiff in the cold and eventually tears. On the other hand, the rubber material on winter wiper blades prevents the ice from clogging, and they stay flexible even in cold temperatures.
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