Roadtrip Games to Make that Summer Vacation Journey Enjoyable

The following roadtrip games are going to help pass the time when the kids start getting a little restless in the back seats as the miles don't seem to be moving along for them fast enough. The I’m Going on a Picnic game is fun and requires players to have a great memory. Player one says an item out load they are bringing to the picnic that starts with the letter A. Player two repeats that item plus one for the letter B. Player three has to remember all those items plus one for the letter C. You're out if you make a mistake.

With 20 Questions, one player thinks of a person, thing, or place, while the rest of the car has up to twenty yes or no questions to figure it out what it is. Bring your vehicle to Reynolds' Subaru for a tune-up and inspection so you're in the best shape for the long road ahead.



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