What is an Infotainment System?

Blending an information center with an entertainment unit, a vehicle's infotainment system keeps drivers informed about the road ahead and passengers entertained while they travel. As more cars adopt an infotainment system and as they improve in their ability to drive autonomously, drivers can expect to see advancements in infotainment technology.

Both Apple and Android have operating systems that will integrate with a car's infotainment system using Bluetooth. Send and receive emails, plan a trip route, select a playlist or get a weather report using voice commands or touchscreen controls.

Some car companies offer a proprietary operating system that has direct communication with your car. Receive information about your battery's level of charge, fuel efficiency, tire pressure and other status reports not usually available to drivers. There are even systems which will alert you if your windows are down when you're not in the car. Some cars can even be parked remotely using touch commands on your smartphone.



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