Do It Yourself – Applying Touch-Up Paint

As we go about our daily lives in Lyme, there are a host of things that can damage the paint job of our cars, either severely or lightly. These aren’t good – not only are they an eye sore, they also allow rust and further damage to the paint to occur if left unattended.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to apply a touch-up to your paint job.

First, clean the scratch to remove any contaminants. Then, lightly sand the area with 220-grit sand paper to remove further contaminants. Clean with your garden hose as you do.

If your scratch is clear through all layers of paint, you should first apply primer to the damaged area. Not doing so will result in the paint not adhering properly.

Next, mix your touch-up paint per the instructions (follow these religiously). Apply paint with an applicator, a small brush, a tooth pick, the end of a match stick or something similar, depending on the size of the scratch.

Congratulations, you’ve done your own paint repairs! Visit us today at Reynolds' Subaru to learn more DIY maintenance like this to save a lot of time and money!

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