A Few Roadside Essentials for Unexpected Emergencies

A roadside emergency kit is beneficial to have in case you are stranded on the road or in a parking lot. Keep a small extinguisher in the car in case there is a fire. Make sure the extinguisher that you use is for all classes of fires.

A flashlight and extra batteries can be lifesavers if you are traveling at night and break down so that you have light to see the road if you have to walk or if you decide to work on your car. Duct tape is also beneficial to have on hand as it can be wrapped around hoses. Even though this is a temporary fix, it could assist you in getting home so that you're not on the side of the road.

Bring your vehicle to Reynolds’ Subaru so that we can perform the maintenance needed on your vehicle to prevent breakdowns. You can also test drive a few vehicles to find something with a warranty, and that might not give as much trouble for you while driving.



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